The Voices Of Hades

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Feline Smile

[Hey, I tried to call you! On Sunday we are going to Plaza Galerías, the whole class is gonna be there at 5pm. You must come hahaha… Hope to see you] I got her message on Facebook a day after dreaming about her. It’s been a while since I met with my high school classmates, … Sigue leyendo Feline Smile

The Gift

“I fell into absolute darkness, in the depths where he lives…” Unconscious I collapse like a feather into the abyss; thin and luminous ribbons descend from the outside. They tie my body and smoothly pull me to the wavy surface. I cross the ocean line into the sky and enter a hole with windows shining … Sigue leyendo The Gift

When Seagulls Fly

My brothers swim in the sea while I am sitting on the sand accompanied by my dogs, my father drinks a beer and helps my mother prepare the ceviche. I go in the sea until I cross the waves blast away from my brothers and I dive into the depths. I rest lying in the … Sigue leyendo When Seagulls Fly

Echoes Of The Past

A desperate scream in the dark, I hear my voice came back. Why have you left me? Peace is extinguished and I only see war, I feel drained and I slowly consume myself. CARLOS REEVES ’05 Please leave your comments if you like to contribute to improve the translation of this story. I’ll be very … Sigue leyendo Echoes Of The Past


There is a lance-shaped tower on the moon, made of stone with symmetrical finishes connected at the tip of the arch. In the center is a rosette of violet and blue colors. The entrance is a cavity with engraved wooden gates guarded by two angels. Men, women, and children walk inside. I find myself on … Sigue leyendo Faeton

Old Memories

A voice calls me, I turned around and there she was. I know who she is, I never heard from her again until today, and now I see her standing there in the Cathedral’s choir just as I remember her. Smooth and dark hair, light skin with green eyes, short and with a feline smile. … Sigue leyendo Old Memories

The Century Of Chimeras

The red cobblestone extends on the second floor around the courtyard, I walk down the hall and head to the library. It is unusual to find someone there and is ideal to spend time alone. I stroll through the bookshelves to the window, light a cigar and watch out onto the street, I can see … Sigue leyendo The Century Of Chimeras

My Moon

I see the immense moon, beautiful and radiant. Without company and so similar. My sister, I talk to you and even ask for you advice. “Take the course of immortality,” she said, “learn the path of loneliness; let’s share this arid feeling, the bitter that I observe on earth. Let’s keep the warmth of our … Sigue leyendo My Moon

The Dwellers In The Caves

On this narrow path the fire serpent descends towards the heart of the mountain. We advance in the gloom, torches reveal the smooth contours of our armor and on the march we illuminate the tunnel. The villagers asked for our help and a first group answered the call. Weeks went by without hearing from them, so … Sigue leyendo The Dwellers In The Caves

Romance Of An Idea

I have a grand obsession; I love her so much and it distresses me to be apart from her. Again, she crosses my path and I think of pulling away. I remember the day when I didn’t want to go with her, and I insisted inside myself. At first I hesitated, but I tried again. CARLOS … Sigue leyendo Romance Of An Idea

The Voice Of Darkness

Without mercy or pity, goodbye tears.  Hate, anger and revenge satisfy me. “Who can you trust?” I would answer. “Trust yourself.” We must triumph over treachery, get up and keep going. “Be the best of you.” Love fades and hatred prevails; follow your ideals and push yourself. Defeat the silent enemy that dwells in your … Sigue leyendo The Voice Of Darkness

The King Of All The Beast

I remember a quarry tower raised in front of me, tall with an ogival shape and dark reliefs. As a spear that breaks the midnight and with its peak separate the thick mist, the moon’s light penetrates through the cleft and draw the grooves on the facade. The gates open at a body’s distance, the … Sigue leyendo The King Of All The Beast

Demon’s Night

I close my eyes with the midnight cricket’s song, lulled with the branches swinging in the breeze. I saw through the window an emptiness in the sky where the stars have turned away from the moon. Hidden in the darkness, the crickets stop their song and listen to the voice that calls me. Something peeks … Sigue leyendo Demon’s Night