The Voices Of Hades

[Un Pastor cuidaba de sus ovejas que pastaban en el Valle, entonces descubrió un Zorro sentado en una colina muy atento al rebaño. El Pastor subió hasta donde se encontraba el Zorro y cuando Él se detuvo, el Zorro le preguntó “¿Puedo ser una de tus ovejas?”]

-El Zorro Extraviado-

Open Your Eyes And Look At Me Again

I scream calling someone, but I don’t see who. «I am alone…” No one comes to the fox valley. I walk down the hill dappled with flowers, waves of wind shake them and release their fragrances. I’m immersed in a mist. Exhausted and crestfallen I glance up at the avenue. There is a tree with […]

Feline Smile

[Hey, I tried to call you! On Sunday we are going to Plaza Galerías, the whole class is gonna be there at 5pm. You must come hahaha… Hope to see you] I got her message on Facebook a day after dreaming about her. It’s been a while since I met with my high school classmates, […]

The Gift

“I fell into absolute darkness, in the depths where he lives…” Unconscious I collapse like a feather into the abyss; thin and luminous ribbons descend from the outside. They tie my body and smoothly pull me to the wavy surface. I cross the ocean line into the sky and enter a hole with windows shining […]

When Seagulls Fly

My brothers swim in the sea while I am sitting on the sand accompanied by my dogs, my father drinks a beer and helps my mother prepare the ceviche. I go in the sea until I cross the waves blast away from my brothers and I dive into the depths. I rest lying in the […]

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